Marian Bantjes Print and Publications

Selected Work

Varoom • The New New / Pen, Inks & Metallic Tape

Exhibition at CHiDM-Chicago Design Museum

Sagmeister • Sugar type

When did a documentary on me, they asked me to do the end-credit titles for the film. This is my first animation ... I created all the individual frames for the credits in Illustrator, and the folks at put it together for me. More information here:

Empathy • Varoom Magazine

Sorrow Installation

Wunderkammer Solo Exhibition • MUDAC


Play• Varoom Magazine

Chris Adrian • The Children's Hospital

Mountain Spectrum

AGI • CoExistence

Hemlock • Flames Wrapping Paper

I find that for myself, without exception, the more I deal with the work as something that is my own, as something that is personal, the more successful it is.
— Marian Bantjes

G2 Puzzle Special

Money Alphabet • Fortune Magazine

Typecon Poster

Walrus Mag • Schizophrenia

New York Magazine

A Better Angel • GRANTA Books

The Great Night • GRANTA Books

AGI Congress

Wunderkammer • Solo Exhibition Poster

The National • Poster

Design Indaba

The National • Orpheum Theatre

I, along with 10 other designers (including Milton Glaser, Louise Fili, Neville Brody, Chip Kidd, among others) was asked to design one of 10 special covers for GQ Italia's 10th anniversary issue. I'm very happy with my structured, manly, but pretty result.

A Cure for Love • Wired Magazine

The Party In The Garden