Studio Castelao

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Studio Castelao

Selected Work

Solar Energy

I love and can’t stop admiring early/mid 20th century artists. Avant-garde movements, Cubism, Futurism, De Stijl… and Bauhaus. These are my very first influences, the ones that definitely blow my head away and make me try to do something great, shifting between commercial to art and back again….
— Leandro Castelao

Studio Castelao

Animation work in collaboration with Ale Pixel Studio

Studio Castelao

Studio Castelao is a New York design studio based in Greenpoint Brooklyn. 

Studio Castelao launched in Jan 2015 to accommodate some of the larger projects being produced by its award winning founder and creative director, Leandro Castelao. The Castelao team consists of complimentary disciplines. Animators, typographers and graphic artists join the Castelao team on a project by project basis. Each sympathetic and complimenting to Leandro's signature geometric style .

From concept to delivery, Studio Castelao has already covered a variety of sectors and disciplines, creating content for: film, animation, branding, graphic design, illustration, infographics, art direction, sound design, exhibitions and products.