Aesthetic Apparatus

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Aesthetic Apparatus

We call Aesthetic Apparatus a “commercial art and printmaking studio.” But what does that mean? On the surface, it means our work is a bit too commercial for “fine art”, and our studio is a bit too messy for “graphic design.” On a deeper level it also means that we have recognised a tendency towards expansion in many studio practices, and see a creative price often paid for unchecked growth.

So we designed an intentionally small design studio, and included our small-scale printmaking discipline within it to seal the deal. But balance is important. We’re not puritans. We love the tactility of ink on paper, and we also love the shared cultural experience of a well-executed national campaign. Of course, when we’re called on to collaborate on such a campaign, the caller would not find themselves in any automated phone system.



USA - Helen Cowley


EUROPE - Joel Minter


ASIA - Mikiharu Yabe


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