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7 x Seven Exhibition


This edition of the 7 x Seven exhibition featured work by seven talented artists and illustrators. The image of the skiing scene, captioned 'Life is better when you're riding' is a beautiful illustration by Karol Banach, a Poland-based illustrator and graphic designer. The digitally composed scene of dinosaurs and pre-historic creatures is by an artist called Sam Brewster. Sam is an award-winning London-based freelance illustrator, photographer and filmmaker. The geometric shapes of Daniel Clarke's abstract scene framed beautifully in the A0 format of the show. As an illustrator based in London, he combines a mix of media to make his images. The repeated pattern of a cosmic space pattern was by Bristol-based freelance illustrator, Kyle Smart. The small-scaled, patterned nature offers a contrast to the rest of the work. Martyna Wojcik is another illustrator from Poland, her image is a graphic poster 'Ulcznicy' was submitted in a competition for a 2015 festival. Lisk Feng provided us with a gorgeous digital image from a series of 2 images titled 'Lust & Chastity'. Lisk Feng is an award-winning illustrator originally from China, now based in New York. Finally Ross Phillips has showcased the incredibly graphic and simply brilliant image of a hot dog. Ross Phillips is an animation director and designer represented by

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