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Artsy 'Turning Points' Animations


  • Director / Freddy Arenas
  • Art Direction & Illustration / Freddy Arenas
  • Animation / Freddy Arenas, Mathilde Loubes, Nathan Harbonn, Quentin Boyer di Bernardo and Tucker Klein
  • Music & Sound Design / Dashel Hammerstein
  • Sound Editor / Ernesto Pantin and Sarah Hayley Barret
  • Artsy Production Team / Marina Cashdan, Demie Kim and Owen Dodd.


Artsy came to us in July 2017 with the idea of creating a series of 3 x 1 minute animated films narrated by artists about the turning points in their careers.


Inspired by the 'Modern Love'  and 'California Inspires Me' animations by Freddy Arenas we pitched him to the Artsy team as a great director to work on this project. Freddy's directing approach and sensibility to narrative storylines was a perfect fit and off we went.


These 3 films capture the moment when artists @lauriesimmonsNick Cave and @kristinemays find their vocation or discover a new path in which to move forward in their work.


The stories are filled with emotion and moments of self discovery.