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Dragon76 - Menya Musashi Ramen


Dragon76 has recently finished working with one of Japans biggest Ramen chains, Menya Musachi, as they launch their latest restaurant in the Raffles City Centre, Singapore.

The respected brand takes its name from legendary Kensei, Miyamoto Musashi. Born in the early 1580’s Musashi trained from the age of 16 and rose to become a master swordsman, and is said to have fought more than 60 duels undefeated, as well as taking part in various war campaigns. He then went on to invent several new sword techniques, including his own unique duel sword approach, as well as writing The Book of Five Rings detailing the mixed martial arts he practiced.

Dragon has depicted various events in Musashi’s life in a series of stunning paintings, which are now adorning the Singapore restaurant.

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