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Fanta Halloween x Noma Bar x Universal Studios


With the spooky festivities of fall just around the corner, Fanta’s beloved Halloween packaging is resurrecting itself with four new ghoulish designs. Fanta has again teamed up with renowned illustrator Noma Bar to bring to life popular monsters from Universal Studios. This is Bar’s second set of illustrations for Fanta’s popular Halloween packaging.


Similar to last year’s designs, Bar added his distinctly minimalist approach, incorporating "negative space" with bold colors, shapes and clever iconography. Fanta fans will enjoy the playful storytelling Bar is known for.


“We love continuing this Fanta tradition of spooky Halloween fun through Bar’s dynamic visual storytelling,” said Valencia Mitchell, brand director, flavors Coca-Cola North America. “And this year, we upped the ante. We teamed up with our partners at Universal to create a fun way for Fanta lovers to celebrate the holiday with some of their favorite Universal monsters."


In Fanta Orange and Fanta Orange Zero, Bar incorporates chilling orange slices to the eyes of Universal Studios’ new character The Mummy, while the Invisible Man coolly gazes with his eerie grape eyes. The Phantom of the Opera, meanwhile, glares with frightening strawberries, and the Bride of Frankenstein shrieks with a ghoulish pineapple stare.


Fanta packaging featuring the four ghoulish characters rendered in Bar’s signature style are now available in international stores for a limited time.

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