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Noma Bar - Fanta Halloween

CLIENT : The Coca-Cola Company


BRAND : Fanta

PRODUCTION : Dutch Uncle Agency Inc

CATEGORY: Packaging, Advertising

TECHNIQUE : Design, Illustration


Hitting the shelves all around the USA are Noma Bar's fun can designs for Fanta's Halloween Edition. Each design is a visual play of an iconic halloween character and their chosen flavor.

Noma Bar design for Fanta Halloween • Zero Skull

Noma Bar Fanta Halloween 2016 • Pineapple Frankenstein

Noma Bar design for Fanta Halloween • Strawberry Drac

Noma Bar Fanta Halloween 2016 Grape Witch


Fanta Halloween Packaging by Noma Bar

Fanta Halloween POS by Noma Bar

Walmart Saint Louis - Fanta Halloween by Noma Bar



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