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Internazionale Magazine | 2013 Calendar | JULY

The Internazionale Magazine Calendar with each month illustrated by Alessandro Gottardo aka SHOUT.

Internazionale Magazine | 2013 Calendar | JULY • Illustrated by  SHOUT

Internazionale Magazine | 2013 Calendar | JULY • Illustrated by SHOUT


International is a weekly magazine, founded in 1993 inspired by the equivalent French Courrier International (1990). It publishes foreign press articles translated into Italian and is directed by Giovanni De Mauro. It comes out on newsstands every Friday.

It has a website with daily newsletters and a collection of links to newspapers around the world. The weekly is also available in digital version as PDF , MP3 and application for Android and iOS. Parallel to the work of the magazine, Internazionale published a series of books through its Fusi Ore publishing house that included reports, essays, fiction, testimonials, images and comics.

All the material written by the editorial staff is available under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. From 7 July 2014 it is also on sale in London newsstands . 

It has an audience of around 123,000 readers, of which 33,000 are subscription copies and 90,000 on newsstands.

The board of directors of Internazionale SpA is chaired by Brunetto Tini, while the vice-president is Giuseppe Cornetto Bourlot.