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Mural at Sunset Yards, Brooklyn by Mike Perry Studio


Mural by Mike Perry Studio


We were approached in September 2018 by Katie at Madison Realty to pitch for a mural project for their newly developed Whale Building and Sunset Yards developments in Brooklyn. We had worked with Katie previously on a building mural with Ping Zhu and jumped at the opportunity.

Katie asked us to inspire her with a group of artists who could work on a series of grand murals. SUNSET YARDS is a 200,000 square foot commercial building located at 341 39th Street in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

The project kick started with a site visit to get a feel for the building and see the overall scale of the site. It’s huge. We knew it was going to require a team with previous experience of large scale murals.

We proposed Jing Wei having seen some of her recent mural work in Brooklyn and asked Jing for some recommendations in building a larger team for the job. Jing suggested Mike Perry Studio. Amazing choice. Katie agreed and the project started with Mike Perry Studio kicking off with the Sunset Yards mural in the buildings loading dock and canteen.

See below for photos of the finished mural and some timelapse videos of the process.

Thanks to Jing for all her help getting this off the ground.

Thanks to Mike Perry, Francis, J and the team for an awesome job.

Thanks to Katie at Madison Realty for the opportunity.