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Noma Bar - Birds Eye View

Translating his illustrations into architectural forms, graphic designer and illustrator Noma Bar has been commissioned to create a viewhouse in the wooded area of Momofuku Centre in Komoro, Japan.

Noma Bar’s concept for the treehouse as an illustration

The inspiration for the form of the structure – two leaves = one bird

A scale model of the three-dimensional design

The structure sits at the highest point of the site with a view across the surrounding landscape, and Mount Asama, an active volcano in central Japan. It is the seventh in a series of treehouses commissioned by the Momofuku Ando Foundation designed by various artists.

After playing with leaves from the forest, Bar discovered the bird structure when folding one over another, which inspired him to create the structure.
In keeping with his illustration style, the 9-metre treehouse invites visitors to discover a visual playfulness, using simple geometric shapes in its construction, with the architecture offering various forms depending on perspective or direction of view.
"I wanted the viewers to discover, so this treehouse is built with a few angles. So if you come from one angle in front you are not going to see a bird, you will see a leaf. It will be in different tones of green, and from a distance will be a leaf," Noma describes in a Momofuku Centre video interview. "And when you turn you will discover it is actually two leaves, and then that the two leaves form a bird. And then you will discover that you have stairs to go up to view. So it's constant discoveries."

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