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Noma Bar x Mr Porter — Chinese New Year

To celebrate the Chinese New Year @noma_bar was asked by @mrporterlive to create a symbol for the traditional Chinese Red Envelope, incorporating the moon + Mr Porter + monkey. Can you spot all 3? -- So why Red Envelopes...? One legend tells of a village where a demon would terrorize children at night. It was believed that the demon would touch the children’s heads while they were asleep, causing serious illness or death. From there, a theory emerged that when they prayed, God would send eight fairies to protect the child. The fairies would disguise themselves as eight coins and hide under the child’s pillow. When the demon would get close, the coins would began to shine very bright, blinding the demon. Word began to spread and the villagers started giving out red envelopes filled with coins to each other to put under their pillows at night.

As time passed, red envelopes became a way to bring good luck and prosperity to the receiver.

chinesenewyear #lunarnewyear

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