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Simone Massoni x Mr Porter 'Gifts All Wrapped Up'

Illustrated by Simone Massoni, managed by Dutch Uncle and animated by Animadethe campaign spans print and digital of which the key feature is a one-minute film featuring a “variety of charming and playful” characters that bring to life the Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter Christmas shopping experience.

It is set to a jaunty, Jazz-style version of festive favourite “Oh Christmas Tree”.

CLIENT : Mr Porter / Net-A-Porter




CATEGORY : Commercial, Online Film

TECHNIQUE : 2D Animation, Character Animation


Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter have once again paired up on a festive marketing campaign which focuses on the luxury women’s and men’s retailers’ world-class service proposition.

The animated “Gifts All Wrapped Up” campaign takes as its storyline a “behind the scenes” journey into how goods are ordered, packed and wrapped in their signature packaging, and then delivered to the customer.

Along with the visual identity of the campaign, Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter have also produced their first ever printed gift guides this season which will be mailed to existing customers. The campaign will also be executed via London taxis in which the dual creative will appear in a his and her motif on a fleet of London’s signature black cabs.

Simone's illustrations on the London 'Black' Cab.

Simone's illustrations on the London 'Black' Cab.

“It’s the second year that Net-A-Porter and Mr Porter have collaborated to celebrate the holiday season in style. The campaign highlights everything we love about this time of year and supports the key tenets of our brand: to provide the most amazing product, brought to life by beautiful content and underpinned by world-class service. We hope this fun animated campaign will bring a smile to our customers’ faces this season,” said Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter president Alison Loehnis.


2016 Advent calendar with characters by Simone Massoni

The final deliverables include illustrations, interactive elements and GIFs as well as a full 60 second animation. The campaign visuals featured on multiple website and channels including Esquire, Vanity Fair, New York Times as well as net-A-Porters and Mr Porters social platforms. The campaing extended outside of digital and was applied to Christmas calendars, tramsides, taxi sides, Christmas socks! and more. The campaign currently runs throughout the UK, USA as has as a large presence in Hong Kong.


When it comes to the Simone's illustrations are so delicately hand-drawn, Animade felt they would be best suited to a drawn cell animation approach. This meant lots more time was needed for production, and since the campaign had to be launched well before Christmas, their team pulled out all the stops to ensure everything was delivered to perfection despite the challenging schedule.

Starting with a draft storyboard from the client and an initial meeting to discuss the narrative and develop it into something that would work well in motion, whilst being possible within the timeframe.

Illustrator Simone provided Animade with a variety of poses for the characters in each scene as well as object assets, such as the products on the conveyor belt—by far the most complex section to animate! Animade then divided the scenes up amongst their dedicated project team, which comprised of 14 animators over the whole duration. The project managers employed special techniques to handle the magnitude of the project; including a spreadsheet that indicated scene complexity with a numbering system.

Every single shot had to go through several stages, including keys, line tests, artworking and compositing. Each scene was outlined frame by frame in black and white before adding colour—which really was the magical moment when it all came together.


The whole campaign was truly a pleasure to collaborate on, and we've been delighted by its features in The Industry and Red Online's 'Most Incredible Christmas Adverts of 2016'.

Just take a look at #holidayswiththeporters in instagram to see the response its gained around the world.

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