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Leandro Castelao : 20 Songs To...

20 Songs To....Get to know David Bowie better by Studio Castelao


Every Monday 20 Songs To... publish a new playlist, accompanied by an image with the same concept, created especially by a graphic artist.

They have already racked up a good number of artists and playlists including Studio Castelao represented by Dutch Uncle.

Any illustrator, designer, artist, that wants to collaborate with his/her art designing a cover and a future list, please contact them here!


01. We Are Hungry Men (David Bowie) 02. Letter To Hermione (David Bowie) 03. Width Of A Circle (David Bowie) 04. Oh! You pretty Things (David Bowie) 05. Drive In Saturday (David Bowie) 06. Time (David Bowie) 07. Here Comes The Night (David Bowie) 08. 1984/Dodo (David Bowie) 09. Fascination (David Bowie)10. Stay (David Bowie) 11. What In The World? (David Bowie) 12. Warszawa(David Bowie) 13. V-2 Schneider (David Bowie) 14. The Secret Life Of Arabia(David Bowie) 15.Because You’re Young (David Bowie) 16. China Girl (David Bowie) 17. Underground (David Bowie) 18. Time Will Crawl (David Bowie) 19. Cactus (David Bowie) 20. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) (David Bowie)

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