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Garrison Creek Bats

Twice a year Garrison Creek Bat Co. organises and hosts gallery events that highlight the talents of artists and craftspeople in Toronto. They give each artist a bare GCBC bat and let them run wild. 
Both Tavis Coburn and Graham Roumieu were invited to create a custom hand painted baseball bat this season. Check ‘em out below.

GCBC Bat by Graham Roumieu

Exhibition Opening 

About Garrison Creek Bat Co.

Inspired by a love of baseball and handmade artistry, Garrison Creek Bat Company was founded in 2012 by C. R. Fieldhouse, Dave Murray and Ryan Christiani. Superior craftsmanship and great design are at the base of everything that Garrison Creek Bat Company does. Each bat is hand-turned by C.R. Fieldhouse. The care, time and attention that goes into making each model reflects how deeply we connect with baseball, whether through our favourite teams, through the sport’s mythology, or as a way to bond with our friends and communities.

This distinctly Toronto trio have teamed up to create uniquely crafted bats. Each limited edition series, named after significant parks and baseball diamonds in Toronto, fuses the craft, style, and love of baseball.

The Bats

All of our bats are handmade, one at a time. Our materials are sourced through an Ontario supplier and the trees they come from grow in Ontario, Quebec, and the north-eastern United States. Each bat is turned on a 50 year old Rockwell lathe before being hand finished and carefully packaged for shipping. While we work predominantly in maple and ash, we can also produce bats in yellow birch and hickory.