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Noma Bar 'Cut the Conflict' @ Rook and Raven

  • Rook & Raven Gallery 7 Rathbone Place London W1T 1HN UK (map)

Noma Bar has dusted off his die-cutting machine for a new exhibition exploring conflict between warring nations. We visited the show ahead of Thursday’s opening to ask Bar about the concept.

When Noma Bar asked the public to donate materials for his latest solo project, he didn’t expect such an overwhelming response. The graphic artist put out a call on Facebook a few months ago, asking people from countries engaged in conflict to post items less than a centimetre thick to his home in London.


The exhibition, which opens this week at London’s Rook & Raven gallery, combines material from two countries at war in a single, unified image. Materials have been cut using his dog-shaped die-cutting machine into shapes symbolising war and peace, such as a dove, a gun and a crouching sniper. Countries featured include the US and Syria, Ethiopia and Eritrea, Israel and Palestine and Greece and Turkey. In Bar's trademark style, each artwork uses positive and negative space to create a bold and playful image. But it’s also a provocative statement, comparing the visual culture of enemy states and showcasing collaboration between people who, in their own countries, would perhaps be forbidden from even conversing with each other.

“The idea came from a conversation I had with someone from Iran,” says Bar. “We were having a great conversation, one that never could have happened if we were in our home countries, and it got me thinking, ‘it’s easy when you’re not there, so why not start a project getting people from these places to collaborate?’”
— Noma Bar

Cut the Conflict opens at Rook & Raven Gallery, London W1T 1HN on November 22 until December 21. For details, see : 

Contemporary Art Gallery London | Rook & Raven

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Israel / Palestine

Israel / Palestine