Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Animation



Salvatore Ferragamo encounters the contemporary art of Finnish designer Kustaa Saksi for the launch of the new colors of the Buckle Collection. Saksi, who specializes in graphic storytelling, has given a personal interpretation of the collection, creating a video in co-operation with Anima Boutique, and images with playful atmospheres and rich colors, in which exotic creatures move through the lens of eyeglasses and watch-faces. A desire to renew the collection through a celebration of the link between art and fashion.


  • Director — Kustaa Saksi & Kalle Kotila
  • Illustrations — Kustaa Saksi
  • Animation — Eero Pitkänen, Heli Ellis, Jyri Pieniniemi
  • 3D Elements — Kristian Lindén
  • Compositing — Eero Pitkänen
  • Producer — Jari Lähteinen
  • Music — Jon Stoker
  • Client — Salvatore Ferragamo