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C'era una voce

C'era una voce
Text by Alessandra Berardi Published by Topipittori, Milan 2011 ISBN: 978 88 89210 81 9 Pages: 40
The creation of the universe has been narrated countless times by all cultures, in songs, legends, poems, short stories. Berardi and Gottardo (a.k.a. Shout) imagine a God in ecstasy before the beauty of his creations, stemming from the fear of hearing his heart beat in the solitude of infinite, empty spaces.

How many times was imagined the creation of the world? Infinite, through songs, legends, poems, short stories of all cultures and continents. Alessandra Berardi and Alessandro Gottardo compete in this endeavor by imagining a god in ecstasy at the beauty of created an unforeseen, arising from the shock to hear the beating of his own heart in the solitude of a space infinitely empty. A god around this heart just gives you a body made of shining universe, stars, sky, clouds, light, planets and moons. A god elated, dancing with joy and dance creates the day, night, time, hours. A god pervaded by a creative passion, which flows to the discovery of the world and the creatures that inhabit it in the very act of creating them. And the desire for a voice that responds to your request for love, a clay figurine creates, finally, man.

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