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Yoco Nagamiya


Yoco studied fashion Illustration at the renowned Masa Mode Academy of Art in Japan. Her beautiful, delicate and graceful works have been commissioned by an international array of magazines, fashion advertising and editorials. Over the 8 years Yoco has been creating her art, she has built up a client list of some of the worlds most recognised fashion brands.


At the heart of her work, Yoco adheres to the ancient Japanese Sumi-e painting principles of the beauty of simplicity. With ink and watercolour she executes as few strokes as possible to describe the subject. Her light and expressive brushwork glides across the page, recreating the human form with an inherent elegance.


Scenes are similarly set, with just a few skilful touches, a cityscape, landscape or room is created, leaving precious space for the possibilities of the mind to wander in.‬ Yoco’s fluid presence of hand and acute perception capture the essence of femininity with true grace.‬




Osaka, Japan


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