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TRIPERO Comic - Cover by Christian Montenegro

In the mid 1990’s a group of students under the tuition of famous South American comic artist #AlbertoBreccia started a fanzine called ‘El Tripero’. The fanzine was a platform for the students to experiment with a new comic ‘expressionist’ aesthetic. Bold use of light and shadow promoting a dark ”Gritty" style, accompanying stories which move between magic realism and tragic fantasy. Impeccably edited - the new issue ‘El Tripero XX’ invited 14 of the original members of the ‘Alberto Breccia’ school back to the fanzine to create new works.

Among the 14 members include Christian Montenegro @ch_monte (Cover artwork + 10 page comic), Diego Molina, Lautaro Fiszman, Valeria Caputo Francisco Vega, Mariano Buscaglia, Silvia Grau + a brand new unprecedented 2-page comic by the great José Muñoz.

A fanzine of the highest quality. Thanks @ch_monte for such a great gift!

graphicnovel #comicart #eltripero #josemunoz @paulgravette7da #JoséMuñoz

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